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Grow Tools Rope Ratchet

Grow Tools Rope Ratchet

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Grow Tools Rope Ratchets are really simple to use. They pull tight, locks in place and it will never slip. It will hold up to 68KG which is ideal for hanging carbon filters or ventilation equipment.

Product Details

Grow Tools Rope Ratchets allow the easy hanging of grow room equipment. These super-strong rope ratchets hold up to 68kg of weight, making them perfect for hanging carbon filters, fans, ballasts, lights, reflectors and any other hydroponic equipment! The Rope Ratchets can also be altered without stretching or having to tie and untie knots. The user can simply hook them onto whatever needs to be hung and pull them tight and they will never break or slip.


Simple and easy to use
Pack of two
Lock in place and will never break or slip.
Heat and cold resistant


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