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Nutriculture pH Kit 4 – 10

Nutriculture pH Kit 4 – 10

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Having the correct pH level is an important part of maximising the amount of nutrients required by the plant. If the pH is consistently incorrect it can lead to plant deficiencies and even slower growth.

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The Nutriculture pH Test Kit gives you quick and accurate information on pH levels in your nutrient solution.
This kit is for wide testing in between the values of pH 4.0 – pH 10.0

For accurate acidity testing follow this procedure:

Fill the testing tube with about 2 ml of your nutrient solution
Then add 2 drops of the testing reagent
Shake the test tube until colour appears and compare it with the provided colour chart
If necessary adjust the pH of the nutrient solution and repeat the procedure
Rinse the testing tube after each testing to prevent contamination


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