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Plant Magic

Plant Magic Platinum PK 9-18

Plant Magic Platinum PK 9-18

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PLATINUM differs greatly from the competition due to its unique and complex make-up of bio stimulants, amino acids as well as high levels of sulphur.

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PLATINUM is NOT just your stand alone PK Booster!

This PK Booster is much more than just a phosphorus and potassium additive. No other booster boasts the unique and complex blend of biostimulants, amino acids, nitrogen and high levels of sulphur. This highly concentrated liquid is incredibly effective at improving flavour and increasing nutrient take-up to boost yield.

Plant Magic have sourced the very best biostimulants for Platinum. These biostimulants increase Cation Exchange Capacity (the ability of soil and coco to hold and release elements and compounds), enhance root growth and break nutrients down to make them more readily available to the plant so that vital elements are taken up much more quickly. The biostimulants are also a food source for beneficial bacteria and fungi.

Platinum’s blend of specific strains of amino acids help improve flavour and aroma, the nitrogen maintains plant vigour, and the high levels of sulphur assist the uptake of phosphorus, speeds up photosynthesis so that the plant produces more sugar and assists in the building of proteins and amino acids.

Suitable for use with coco/soil and hydro systems.


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