Our Take On LED'S

LED's have been around for a good while now but for along time they were just not good enough for us to recommend to our customers. Has that changed now? The new Generation of LED's have come on leaps and bounds and we have immersed ourselves in them so we can give you our take on led's



They operate at approximately half the cost of a standard HPS light. Not only that, its expected lifetime is a staggering 50,000 hours: equal to over 11 years on a 12/12 cycle. LEDs are also ‘cool running,’ making them very efficient in terms of heat management.

They use full spectrum light with distribution that is precise and with uniform levels of PPFD and unlike HPS are superior when it comes to penetrating thick leaf canopies. This means users have the freedom to grow different plants at varying stages under the same roof, without the need to worry about moving plants or switching equipment. 

The Techy control panels with these led's (which are optional extras) Allow growers to set specified Sunrise and Sunset times to replicate natural lighting. You can monitor light temperature, light intensity, and PPFD can be viewed and adjusted the panel also has a dimming feature making it perfect for sensitive young plants.  You can even operate in two separate rooms or two zones which can be operated separately or together!



The Price tag is a bit eye watering compared to traditional lighting systems.



So yes that has very much changed now! We would 100% recommend this new generation of led's, in-fact we are quite excited about them! In our opinion Led's are now the best performing choice for maximising your plants health, they emit low heat meaning you don't need such large ventilation systems. Its flexibility and superior light penetration means you can experience greater yields of fruits and flowers!

Although you can use led lights without the controller, using the control panel provides a gradual shock free light cycle with the ability to control light intensity, temperature and more. Whats not to love!

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