About Us

Hi, I'm Craig, the owner of Sea of Green - a small efficient hydroponic shop. I have been in this business for over 20 years, meaning I'm able provide excellent informed support and advice.

I have a loyal customer base and believe this is largely due to my customer service. I am happy to help with all aspects of growing be it a small beginners set up or an in depth tech chat.


At Sea of Green we prefer a less corporate approach to business. We’ve removed the option to buy online, as we’re firm believers in cash with the freedom & anonymity that it affords us all. By asking you to contact us, it also ensures that we can put together the best possible package deals and that you get the right products for your individual needs. For those that know what they want or are just browsing, we hope you enjoy our new streamlined catalogue. Any questions please contact us, always happy to help. Peace.

 If you want to have a relaxed chat about any aspect of your growing needs, contact me on 07854 358049 or 01793 617046 

or alternatively use contact form in contact us

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