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Chika Chika Straight Shears

Chika Chika Straight Shears

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ChikaChika Straight X30 Shears have been inspired by Japanese design and are truly the king of gardening tools. They have been drop-forged in robust stainless steel and built to last. They are sharp, precise, durable, and are truly a fantastic addition for any grower.

Product Details

The ChikaChika X30 Straight Shears utilising their razor-sharp blades and comfort grip are designed to ensure every task is as effortless as possible.

Built to last
ChikaChika X30 Straight Shears have been expertly designed and drop-forged in robust stainless steel, ensuring these are truly built to last.

ChikaChika shears are designed for maximum comfort, utilising their comfort grip technology that allows the user to comfortably and effortlessly use for extended periods of time.

ChikaChika’s razor-sharp stainless steel blades allow for absolute precision and minimum effort during use.

Straight edge
Comfort grip


Stainless steel



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