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Grow Gadgets Green LED Head light

Grow Gadgets Green LED Head light

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Protect plants in the photoperiod with Grow Gadgets Green LED Head Torch.

Product Details

Want to tend to plants during their dark cycle, but don't want to end up with leaf and foliage burn from light intensity? The Grow Gadgets Green LED Head Torch is the perfect product to overcome this. During the photoperiod, the plants are very susceptible to bright light, so now growers can attend to them in the dark without causing any harm.

How to use Grow Gadgets LED Head Torch?
The Green LED Head Torch features four brightness modes (100%, 50%, 10% and 5%) and a motion-sensing on/off feature. By pressing the power button, this will turn on the head torch - to cycle through the brightness modes continue to keep pushing the power button. Pressing the power button while the brightness mode is on 100% will turn the head torch off.

To activate the motion sensor, press and hold the power button for roughly two seconds. Below the power button, a faint red light will appear, indicating that the headlamp has enabled the motion sensing mode. Waving your hand four inches away from the light and across the front of the head torch will turn the light on/off during the motion sensing mode, only the 100% brightness function will be used. To switch off the motion sensing mode, press the power button once.


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