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Grow Gadgets Hygrometer With Probe

Grow Gadgets Hygrometer With Probe

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An essential tool for any grow room, Grow Gadgets Hygrometer With Probe permanently displays grow room temperatures and humidity levels on the same large and easy-to-read LCD screen.

Product Details

Grow Tools Hygrometer with Probe
It is important to monitor a grow room or tent's temperature and humidity to ensure an optimal growing environment is being maintained. Different growth stages require different conditions and Grow Gadgets' simple to use Hygrometer will accurately report on what's going in the room and help to maintain the temperature.

Accurate Measurements
Every growing environment needs a Hygrometer with Probe to accurately measure and monitor an indoor environment. The external probe is included to ensure readings are taken exactly where they are needed.

Fully Customisable
Take temperature readings in and outside a grow room or tent! The fully customisable format on Grow Gadgets Hygrometer also means the grower can set up alerts when humidity and/or temperature get too high.

Display with °C and °F
Grow Gadgets Hygrometer can display both °C and °F, as well as featuring a memory of minimum and maximum recordings of temperature and humidity, so the grower can check the last readings with ease.


Two modes of time display: 12hr/24hr.
Everyday alarm
Calendar display
Clock and date
Probe and lead supplied


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