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Grow Tools Premium Propagator

Grow Tools Premium Propagator

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The Grow Tools Premium Propagator provides the ideal environment for seedlings and cuttings thanks to its sealed heating unit.

Product Details

Grow Tools Premium Propagator
The Grow Tools thermo-controlled Premium Propagator creates the perfect environment for germinating a wide variety of vegetable seeds and cuttings.

Simple and professional
The Propagator uses a tried-and-tested method of trapping and regulating the heat to keep the internal temperature between 18ºC and 23ºC.

The is see-through which allows for plenty of light to get in and help plants grow.

Dimensions: L 58.4 cm x W 38.3 cm x H
Controlled internal temperature between 18ºC and 23ºC.


Product Data
Brand: Grow Tools
Height: 25
Length: 20
Width: 43
Pallet Quantity: 55
Pack Quantity: 1
Box Quantity: 1

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