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Mammoth Juiced EC Fans

Mammoth Juiced EC Fans

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Give your grow room a boost with Juiced. This EC fan comes in a sleek aluminium casing for maximum output of air.

  • Integrated 0-100% speed controller; 

  • Removes stale and humid air;

  • Highly energy efficient;

  • Lightweight aluminium casing;

  • Quiet operation;

  • Low cost to run;

  • Range of sizes from 4” - 12”;

  • Professional addition to a hydroponic cooling system. 

Product Details

Mammoth Juiced Pro EC Fan
Give your grow room a boost with Juiced. The new EC fan from Mammoth features controllable speed settings and comes in a sleek aluminium casing for maximum output of air.

Pro airflow
This range is Mammoth by name and nature! Each size is designed for optimum performance, housing a powerful motor in lightweight aluminium. This allows for total movement of air around and inside the fan - nothing is wasted.

The largest size circulates an impressive 2987m3/h of air, freshening even the warmest of grow rooms.

EC (or electronically commutated) fans offer a number of advantages and are fast taking over the market. They’re much cheaper to run than standard AC fans while allowing greater control for their users.

The Juiced Pro EC Fan comes with a 0-100% speed controller, meaning you can adjust it to suit your preferences. Not only does this provide tailored care for your plants, but it could cost hundreds less to run per year.

Quiet operation
Every grower wants peace and quiet. The Juiced Pro operates as low as 54dB and stands on a sturdy metal platform to keep it from vibrating. Save yourself the headache when you upgrade to this discreet equipment.

How to use Mammoth Juiced Pro EC Fan?
Fix the fan towards the top of the area you wish to ventilate. Secure tightly in place and plug in at the mains to begin use.

Where to use Mammoth Juiced Pro EC Fan?
Use in areas that require ventilation, such as greenhouses, grow rooms, and household spaces.


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