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Omega 6'' Black Air Cooled Reflector

Omega 6'' Black Air Cooled Reflector

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Omega Lighting’s Black Air Cooled Reflector is a great choice for customers looking to reduce the level of heat in their grow room

Product Details

High quality and designed for powdered air cooling
Omega’s 6" Black Air Cooled Reflector is a highly versatile and unique Reflector.

This high-quality Black Air Cooled Reflector helps to improve indoor temperatures and enhance plant performance. This high-quality Reflector shifts hot air that surrounds the user’s lamps out of their grow room. The Black Air Cooled Reflector comes with a 6” spigot connection size, depending on the size of the Reflector.

High-quality Cooled Reflector
Comes with 5-metre cable
Helps to improve indoor temperatures.
Two-port feature.
Airtight design for powdered air-cooling.
Why choose Omega 6" Black Air Cooled Reflector?
The Black Air Cooled Reflector holds several advantages. The dimpled glass featured in the Reflector means that light is distributed evenly and effectively throughout growing.

As with all Omega Lighting products, the Air-Cooled Reflector is CE marked and RoHs approved. The Reflector is also Suitable for E40 fitting HPS Lamps, Metal Halide Lamps and Dual Spectrum Lamps.

This Air Cooled Reflector features with a 5-metre cable with IEC connector to plug straight into a Ballast. The Reflector also has spigots on either end to integrate the use of Ducting as well.

How to use Air Cooled Reflectors?
Omega’s Reflector features two ports, one for the input air and one for the exit air. This affords the user further control over where the cooling air is drawn from. This is especially useful if the user is growing in a Co2 enriched environment.

This Reflector by Omega Lighting is airtight, designed for powdered air-cooling, which is a valuable part of any growing equipment. Simply hang the reflector over the centre of the grow area with rope ratchets to secure in place.


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