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Omega Vertical Parabolic Reflector (Secondhand)

Omega Vertical Parabolic Reflector (Secondhand)

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Omega's range of Parabolic Reflector are a high-quality choice, suitable for large growing areas that also covers a wide swath from low mounting heights.

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Product Details

Ideal for providing maximum and even light coverage
Omega Lighting's range of Parabolic Reflectors are curved reflectors which makes them ideal for providing maximum and even light-coverage whilst avoiding unwanted hot spots. Omega Parabolic Reflectors are excellent for larger growing areas and covers a wide area from low mounting heights.

Easy to assemble
Provides maximum and even light-coverage
5 metre IEC Cable
Wide-angled aluminium reflector
How do the Omega Parabolic Reflectors work?
Omega’s Parabolic Reflectors features a wide-angled parabolic shape that can be mounted closer to plants thus increasing light levels. The large umbrella-shaped reflectors are constructed from stucco galvanised reflective aluminium.

The Parabolic Reflectors are 1 metre in diameter, with the Grow Lamp hanging vertically, which enables the light to cover a large area.

Complete with 5 metres of cable and an IEC connection attached for easy connection to a suitable Ballast.

Both Omega Parabolic Reflectors can be used with any HPS Lamp or Metal Halide Lamp.

Why choose Omega's Parabolic Reflectors?
Omega Parabolic Reflectors have an incredibly even light spread and a design that produces low heat levels directly under the lamp. This means that it can be lowered further than is often possible when using conventional reflectors, without burning the tops of plants.

The benefits of Omega Parabolic Reflectors is that by using high-quality materials compared to others on the market, the range of reflectors are long-lasting as well as delivering excellent results.

With Omega's Vertical Reflector, the Grow Lamp is mounted vertically so the majority of its output is directed towards the curved surfaces and reflected down towards the canopy. This method creates a more uniform spread of light than when using horizontally mounted lamps. This effect is beneficial as it helps eliminate hot-spots, which is an issue that occurs when light is too highly concentrated in a particular area.

Omega Parabolic Reflectors also feature vents around the lamp holder to allow heat to escape through the top of the reflector. This, combined with the reflector's open design, means that temperatures directly under the lamp are much lower than those under other reflectors, meaning that the Parabolic Reflectors can be positioned closer to the top of plants without causing burning.


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