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Plagron Bat Guano

Plagron Bat Guano

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Plagron Bat Guano is ideal for the best smell and taste. Bat Guano promotes rapid, green growth, making Bat Guano a useful fertiliser.

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Plagron Bat Guano
Plagron Bat Guano, with its main ingredient bat manure, is the most balanced fertiliser that nature has to offer.

Promotes the development of roots and soil.
Bat Guano promotes the development of roots and soil life. It also contributes to healthy growth and bloom and an excellent smell and taste. Bat manure is naturally rich in phosphorus and potassium, guaranteeing abundant growth.


Enhances smell and taste
Improves growth and bloom
Enhances soil life
Plagron Bat Guano is suitable for organic farming (CU Certified)


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