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Round Pot Saucers

Round Pot Saucers

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Grow Tools Black Plastic Saucers are designed for catching run-off from Premium Round Pots. These high-quality Black Plastic Saucers are made with strong black plastic and they are built to last. They are designed with high-lipped sides to increase the amount of run-off they can hold.

Product Details

Grow Tools Black Plastic Saucer
Perfect for helping to prevent spillages from essential plant drainage, the Black Plastic Saucers are designed to work perfectly in a hydroponic setup. Manufactured from lightweight, durable black plastic, they are also ideal for keeping plants healthy, as plants can take up excess water from the saucer when required, meaning they are less likely to become overfed. Simply match the size up with one of our compatible Premium Round Pots.

How do you use Grow Tools Black Plastic Saucers?
Place an appropriate-sized Black Plastic Saucer underneath a plant-pot and allow it to catch any excess water (the run-off) out of the bottom of the pot. Once the pot has finished draining, tip away the run-off to prevent the growing medium from soaking up the waste.


Easily catches the run-off from pots.
High-quality Black Plastic Saucers.
Strong and durable construction means they are built to last.
High sides with a lip to catch the run-offs.
Ideal for use with Premium Round Pots.
Available in 8”, 10”, 12” and 15” sizes.


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