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Square Pot Saucer

Square Pot Saucer

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Square Pot Saucers are ideal for catching any run-off from plant pots in a hydroponic setup. These high-quality plastic square saucers are an incredibly useful product for those looking for a strong and durable Saucer. Available in sizes from 3.5L up to 25L.

Product Details

Using a saucer under a Square Pot allows the user to easily catch run-off when watering, preventing it from spilling onto the grow room floor. The Square Pot Saucers round pot saucers have raised sides and a wide lip to catch a high volume of run-offs.


High-quality Square Pot Saucers
Easily catch the run-off from your pots
Uses floor space more efficiently than round pots.
Strong and durable.
Designed to fit Square Pots.
Available in sizes from 3.5L up to 25L.


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