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Terra Aquatica

Terra Aquatica FlashClean (formerly FloraKleen)

Terra Aquatica FlashClean (formerly FloraKleen)

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From rejuvenating houseplants to maximising yields and potential in commercial hydroponics, FlashClean is one of the most powerful tools available to gardeners! Specifically developed to dissolve mineral salts, FlashClean releases nutrient bonds between minerals and substrate and allows you to rinse excess residue. This release also helps plants make the most of the remaining fertilisers, especially in the crucial week just before harvest.

Product Details


General Hydroponics - FloraKleen is a top-quality additive, made to clean any fertilizer and salt residues in plants' growing systems. General Hydroponics nutrients and additives contain top-quality ingredients, which help you achieve optimized harvest yields. FloraKleen dissolves any excess salts, which accumulate over time in growing mediums, soils or hydroponic systems. The additive also feeds the beneficial microbes in the growing substrate, which increase your plants' nutrient uptake and improve their health. The formula also reduces plant stress from imbalanced feeding, transportation or transplant. Use FloraKleen for premium harvests and stronger plants.

General Information

General Hydroponics - FloraKleen is suitable for hydroponic systems and soil;
Use FloraKleen during the vegetative phase or as a flush solution at the end of the blooming phase;
FloraKleen is a premium additive;
The formula contains a special mixture of natural ingredients and it's not enzyme-based.


Dissolves and breaks down mineral salts;
Reduces plant stress caused by nutrient build-up;
Ensures easier nutrient absorption;
Nourishes the beneficial bacteria;
Boosts your plants' natural production of sugars;
Removes any fertilizer residues.

The Science

General Hydroponics fertilizers and additives are made at the highest quality standards. FloraKleen is suitable for use during the vegetative stage and as a flush solution at the end of the flowering stage. It's made to remove any nutrient build-up and breaks down mineral salts. You can use the formula while you're plants are developing. The solution will maintain a nutritional balance in the growing system. Unlike other formulas available, FloraKleen is not enzyme-based and contains a special blend of natural ingredients.

How to Use

During the vegetative phase, use FloraKleen at the recommended dosage of 1.5 “ 3 ml/L in hydroponic systems. For young plants, use a milder concentration. Circulate with FloraKleen for 48 hours before you add General Hydroponics nutrients. After the blooming phase, use FloraKleen at a rate of 3 ml/L to increase the level of sugars in your crops.

If you're growing plants in soil, use FloraKleen every 15 days by adding 1.5 “ 3 ml/L to your feed water container. After the blooming phase, use 3 ml/L throughout the last 2 days before the harvest.

General Practices

Add the additive to your water tank or container and stir it well. First add the General Hydroponics nutrients and follow with additives and boosters. Store the product in a safe and dark place. Keep it away from extreme temperatures. Keep the formula away from children. When handling FloraKleen, use protective gloves. Avoid contact with your eyes or your skin. In case of such contact, rinse immediately.


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