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Trimzilla 79cm Dry Rack

Trimzilla 79cm Dry Rack

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The Trimzilla Dry Rack is a premium collapsible drying rack featuring 8 shelf compartments, allowing the drying of plants and herbs. After use, the Trimzilla Square Dry Rack collapses flat for easy storage.

Product Details

Premium quality
The Trimzilla Square Dry Rack is made of premium-quality materials, ensuring this is the perfect choice for any level of grower.

How the Trimzilla Dry Rack works
The Trimzilla Dry Rack is a brilliant solution for drying large quantities of herbs, flowers, and other plant materials quickly in small spaces. The Trimzilla Dry Rack quickly and efficiently opens up from flat into a 178 cm tall. Featuring 8 robust compartments, and the sturdy fabric strap which allows for easy and reliable hanging. The premium-quality netting is non-absorbent, ensuring it does not absorb moisture from the plant material. The netting has substantial mesh holes allowing maximum air circulation for quick, even, and thorough drying.

How to use the Trimzilla Dry Rack
The Trimzilla Dry Rack needs to be suspended from a hook point at least 170 cm off the floor. The sturdy fabric strap situated on top of the Trimzilla Dry Rack is hooked over the user’s chosen fitment. The net will then open up, exposing the premium compartments. The 8 premium compartments have netted sides to keep everything inside. Each compartment has an 8-inch wide access hole. After use, easily unhook the dry rack from the hook point and lower it to the floor. The shelves will collapse back together flat for easy storage.


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